From the initial project to the final result following all the processing steps.

Monochromatic coffee table, typical Carpi manufacturing.

Blue table with family crest.

Classic style coffee table for living room with naturalistic themes in bright colors.



Un mix di opere eseguite negli ultimi 20 anni dal laboratorio carpigiano.

Decorative panels with municipal coats of arms and remaking of some famous works.

A series of achievements located at the Moller Institute, Churchill College. A building of the prestigious Cambridge University, the works were conceived by the artist Erik. A. Frandsen and made by Filippo Carnazza’s workshop in Carpi.

A series of contemporary works made with the same classical technique of the older works.


A series of restorations all carried out in first person after a careful study of the work and the building.


Tables, ovals and squares

A series of small and medium-sized squares and ovals for the most diverse uses.

A rich collection of custom made home tables.

The historic front of the altar, created from scratch or renovated following the style of the time.

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